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How it Works

Find out how SMAC Cloud can work for you


SMAC Cloud – Share, Manage, Analyse and Communicate with your business anytime anywhere.

What does SMAC Cloud do?

Upload your files in SMAC Cloud and share with anyone and access them at any time from any device in the world. Click ‘Play’ on the video to see what SMAC Cloud can do for you.

How to upload the file to the SMAC Cloud

  • Click the Upload New File button from the main menu on the top left from the admin console
  • Grab any file from your computer
  • Click submit button

How to sync file with devices

  • Logged in to SMAC Cloud app, sync for the latest update.
  • If you’re already logged in, go to setting tap on synchronization button and get latest updates from the server.

How to share file

  • Open SMAC Cloud app.
  • A select file which you want to share, and tap on the share button.
  • Enter the email address of the person to whom you want to send.
  • Enter subject.
  • And tap on the Send button.