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What is SMAC Cloud?

SMAC Cloud is the right place to store all your photos, videos, documents and large files All your stuff in one safe place, but available wherever you go, on any devices- iOS, Android, and SMAC Cloud web panel.

SMAC Cloud….. Let’s start using it!

After logging in to the SMAC Cloud, You can manage Dashboard, Channel, Users, & Event as per your requirement. By default, you can view DASHBOARD components.

List of Components available in SMAC Cloud


Getting started with all Components



In this components check the status of likes, comments, shares, and assign users of all uploaded media like Video, Audio, Images, and documents.  Analyze Application Media Status, Storage Analysis, Memory Usage, and Recent Media and also add your Todo lists from here. Use the navigation menu from the left side of the page to get access to other components of SMAC Cloud Admin Panel

Gear settings button on its right side and many options to choose from.

Profile: Update profile from here.

Language: Change language

  • German
  • English

User settings: Customize theme from here like icons color, background color, font color, font type, and logo.

Log Out: Log out from admin panel.



How to add a new channel to SMAC Cloud?:  Go to the SMAC Cloud Admin Panel Channel page and click the Add channel button on the top right.
  • Type your channel name in the text field,
  • Select channel background,
  • Assign users, click the save button.



Manage all users and perform various tasks like Add User, Edit User, and Delete User.  Every User’s screen has added user and upload CSV file options on its right side.

Add User

  • Name: Type username in the text field.
  • Password: Type password in the text field.
  • Confirm Password: Type confirms password in the text field.
  • Email: Type email in the text field.
  • Phone number: Type phone number in the text field.
  • Mobile: Type mobile number in the text field.
  • Language: Type language in the text field.
  • Role: assign users to roles.