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Security & Encryption you can trust

Security & Encryption

SMAC Cloud provides a new approach to secure cloud storage and collaboration by using end-to-end encryption.

Blockchain technology is going to mark a new innovation in the information technology. Trust it or not, blockchain will become the norm in the coming years and there will be blockchain applications for virtually everything, from financial apps and IoT to cloud storage services and more.

As a matter of fact, there is already a wide variety of blockchain applications on the market that are viable solutions for your storage needs. So, we’re going to focus on blockchain technology.

Our centralized storage platform that uses blockchain technology to secure users’ files and folders. The platform uses a very smooth approach to build its storage capacity. Namely, it depends on underutilized hard drive capacity from computers around the world. When it recognized this potential storage space, SMAC Cloud basically creates a data storage marketplace that offers a series of advantages compared to traditional cloud storage solutions.

File owners themselves are the only persons who have access to the encryption keys. The platform encrypts and then distributes your files across the entire network. There is absolutely no third party that can access and read your files since the platform uses no central storage servers.

Key features of SMAC Cloud include:

  • Strong end-to-end encryption, at rest.
  • Cryptographic key sharing
  • Client-side integrity protection
  • Digital signature with SHA-256 Cryptographic Hash Algorithm