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SMAC Cloud offers secure cloud storage service with many features like corporate identity adoption, in-house hosting along with fast & large file sharing.

All New SMAC Cloud!

“The cloud” is a major buzzword in computing right now, but its meaning is rather, well, cloudy for most people. Nevertheless, chances are high that you’ve already used the cloud, even if you may not have known it at the time. Data storage has many fundamentals, but a...

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Cloud Backup vs Cloud Storage: Is There Any Change?

The terms “Cloud storage” and “Cloud backup” continue to puzzle many users while they are choosing a service. Both of these services do have some important differences. Cloud backup or online backup services has been for quite some time, earlier the Cloud...

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Top 6 Reasons Why Organizations Need Cloud Backup

In the present time, the majority of the data has become digital. Though, this data on the web is prone to failure and theft. Several companies have hurt from the important data loss earlier and leave the business in just a couple of months of the...

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How Cloud Storage Can Benefit SME and MSME Business

The number of business adopting cloud storage continues to surge across the globe. It is seen as the most suitable way to store, protect, manage their confidential data file and share amongst co-workers, family members and friends. The massive increase in...

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Online Data Backup is easy

After the development of cloud technology, monitoring your data has turned out to be simple. Getting online backup services have become easy. Previous people used to buying an external hard drive and maintain backups of the data. Presently, you can store...

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Top 5 Myths about Cloud Storage

In this digital life, Cloud storage is a model of arranged venture storage where third parties store their data in the virtualized pool of servers. It is the perfect mixture of greater convenience and consistency; solid protection for data backup, rapid...

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6 Reasons to Choose SMAC Cloud

Image already added Rather than contributing to a secure server structure, business and individuals are switching to online storage solutions. Cloud storage is a powerful way to keep your data online. With a step, to give a user a rich experience of cloud...

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SMAC Cloud Watch for iOS

  Image already added The wait is finally over SMAC Cloud’s arrived for your iOS watch device. For some time now, we have been receiving requests to release a fully-compatible SMAC Cloud iOS watch. We listened and also made sure to design an app that...

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