All New SMAC Cloud!

“The cloud” is a major buzzword in computing right now, but its meaning is rather, well, cloudy for most people. Nevertheless, chances are high that you’ve already used the cloud, even if you may not have known it at the time. Data storage has many fundamentals, but a key one is an idea that what we store should be or form part of a single, reliable copy.

Interesting features of SMAC Cloud?


Now even faster upload and download functionality.

The time spent to upload and download the files is so much time-consuming and irritating for everyone. Solving this problem SMAC Cloud gives a lightning speed of downloading and uploading your all valuable files, images, videos, documents, audio, etc. Now, the time-consuming time is wisely spent by all SMAC Cloud users.

– Multiple uploads and downloads via a single click.

Complications with single upload and download in cloud storage. Stay with SMAC Cloud and enjoy the recent feature in which you can select multiple downloading as well as uploading your files and folders. Take a break and enjoy the seamless feature of SMAC Cloud.

– File Sharing Platform.

Unable to share your stored files and folders to your known ones. Take a look at SMAC Cloud and enjoy the experience of sharing all your files and folders securely by just creating a link. SMAC Cloud an enormous file sharing platform that gives various options of file sharing to all the users.

SMAC Cloud Share, Manage, Analyze, Communicate with your business anytime anywhere!

Get 10 GB free cloud storage, upgrade any time.