6 Reasons to Choose SMAC Cloud

Rather than contributing to a secure server structure, business and individuals are switching to online storage solutions. Cloud storage is a powerful way to keep your data online. With a step, to give a user a rich experience of cloud storage, SMAC Cloud has come up with its desirable online storage solution. The inherent characteristics of SMAC Cloud are mentioned below:

  1. On-Premises Cloud Solutions
    SMAC Cloud provides On-Premises cloud storage flexibility to meet your business needs.


  2. Adopt Corporate Identity
    Add your logo and brand colors to give your Workplaces a more polished and professional look.


  3. Easy to Access
    SMAC Cloud allows accessing the uploaded files from any of the Internet prepared devices. With SMAC Cloud your files are always available to you, and you can easily access it through tablets smartphone, or laptop at any point of time and place.


  4. Data Security
    We accept that security is the prime responsibility for the cloud users so, to give users a protected online storage platform, we have included AES 256-bit encryption module, which avoids prohibited, and undesirable access to the stored data.


  5. Quick to Share
    File sharing is too easy with SMAC Cloud. You can quickly share your images, documents, audio, video files, and many more with your friends.


  6. Auto Sync
    One of the awesome features offered by SMAC Cloud is automatic synchronization of your files with multiple devices, giving you a continuous access to the latest versions of your files, irrespective of your place and data accessing device.