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Key Features of SMAC Cloud

Get all of the features your business needs

On-Premises Services

Enjoy the benefits of the cloud without having to migrate your applications and services. For many organizations, maintaining in-house infrastructure and data management is crucial. With SMAC Cloud On-Premises Service you can take advantage of the flexibility and scalability benefits of the cloud with the security and control of your onsite location.

Schedule Event

Create a scheduled alert to search for events on a regular schedule. You can configure scheduling, trigger conditions and throttling to customize the alert.

Corporate Identity

Every organization needs its own corporate identity on software tool which they use. That’s why we are offering to customize theme options to suit your unique brand. You can customize your theme by uploading your custom logo, set theme font, color and Tagline. So that you get the big advantage in terms of setting yourself apart from the competitors.

Large file transfer

Need to send large files fast with partners or clients? Attaching large files like these to emails isn’t always possible. With SMAC Cloud, you can send large files of any type to anybody from web or from your iPad, iPhone or Android mobile device. Simply create a shareable link for a file, then copy that link into an email, chat or text. It’s the fastest way to share photos, videos, documents and everything else you work with every day!

File Encryption

Your data are the foundation of your success and the success of your company. Protecting your intellectual property is important; who to exchange and share data with is a choice for you alone. This is why SMAC Cloud encrypts your data even before it uploads to the cloud. SMAC Cloud Protect files during transfer with SSL/TLS encryption protocols and in storage using AES 256-bit encryption.

True synchronization

Sync all your files across your computers and devices. With SMAC Cloud, you decide which files you want to sync and where you want to sync them. With SMAC Cloud you can instantly synchronize your files between the cloud storage platform and your multiple devices and computers. The files that you upload to the web platform will appear on any other devices you use with SMAC Cloud and vice versa.

Offline Access

Access your data anytime anywhere even if there is limited internet availability. With SMAC Cloud mobile app you can use your files offline and even listen to your audios or watch your videos without an Internet connection. What you need to do is simply download the file.

User Management

This section focuses on the user and permission management, with managing users options you can perform various tasks like add user, edit user and delete a user, with managing permissions options you can easily assign and edit roles to users.

Role-based sharing

Determine exactly who has access to your content and the level of permissions each user has with your content – keeping your data safe. The role-based security ensures that data is accessible to users based on the organization’s hierarchy. On the other hand, users have permission to only the relevant features.